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Bio-Batch - Begg & Co Thermoplastics


A revolutionary Biodegradable Masterbatch based upon proven and reliable technology to solve your brands environmental needs.

Just 1% Bio-Batch™ will render the majority of polymers 100% Biodegradable, including LDPE, HDPE, PP, Polystyrenes, PET and even PVC within 1-5 years.

Apply to your existing products, coloured or natural clear, utilise your current polymer, machinery and tooling. Bio-Batch™ has no effect on your products appearance or physical performance, whether your product is designed to last 1 day or 20 years.

Process, recycle, and reprocess again,Bio-Batch™ only becomes active once a product has reached its final destination, Landfill.

Bio-Batch™ offers your product and brand environmental integrity for a minimal unit cost.

How does it work?

Bio-Batch™ works by encouraging and supporting the bacteria present when products naturally biodegrade to convert the base materials of the plastic into a food source for microbes, with no harmful or toxic residues.

Typically, PE or PP products take between 80 and 450 years to break down in the environment.

Look what Bio-Batch™ does to a 40µm LLDPE film buried in soil in just 30 days !!

Control With 1% Bio-Batch™

• Not Starch based
• No environmentally harmful chemical or metal catalysing agents which break down your products properties from the day of manufacture
• Not affected by heat, sunlight or moisture.

Where it works.

Bio-Batch™ has an indefinite shelf life, and unlike other degrading agents,

• Biodegrades plastics in Landfill
• Biodegrades plastics in Composting facilities
• Biodegrades plastics in Litter
• Biodegrades plastics even in your Home Composter


Bio-Batch™ is not heat, light or process sensitive and is proven in

• Injection Moulding
• Blow Moulding ( Extrusion or Injection)
• Rotational Moulding
• Film and Sheet Extrusion
• Compression Moulding

Typical applications

Bio-Batch™ is accredited by the F&DA and is suitable for use in

• Food Packaging ( including Milk, Probiotic Drinks & Yoghurt)
• Pharmaceutical Products
• Toys
• Film Packaging
• Electrical Goods
• Health & Beauty Products ( Cosmetics, Shampoos, Aromatherapy oils)
• Automotive

Our goal is to help the environment through the development of biodegradable plastics that reduce not only the amounts of fossil fuel used during creation, but also the emissions formed during biodegradation.

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